Angels Unbound

Angels Unbound is a compilation of related short stories which are designed to be read in any order the reader desires.

Lailah was called into existence as the only female Angel and as the only Angel aligned with the Dark. She is the Night. As such, she was shunned by the other Angels. When Lucifer, an Angel of Light, brings war against the Father of Light, whose side will Lilith be on?


Lilith needs something special from an Angel in order to find the Book, and she intends to get it from Gadreel. Na'amah becomes her tool for the job, but will Na'amah survive the seduction of an Angel?

Shadow Spinner

Tiberius has always thought of himself as a normal 10-year-old boy. Maybe he's a little smarter than everyone else, but that's still normal. He's scared of shadows, but everyone's scared of something, right? His mother's completely paranoid and called the cops the one time, just one time, he went over to a friend's house after school, but, still, he's normal even if his mother is not. At least, that's what he thinks until the day his mother finally decides to tell him about his father, and she tells him things that convince him that one of them is crazy, and he's pretty sure it's not him. That is until the Man with No Eyes shows up and his father falls out of the sky.


It’s been a long time since Michael has known love, longer than you can imagine, but he may have just found it again. Not that he was looking for it, because he wasn’t. In fact, love is just about the last thing on his mind, and it turns out that it’s quite an inconvenience. He has a Calling and there's no room for love in fulfilling his duty. Will he give in to love, and what will happen if he does?