“A must read collection.”

“I really enjoyed this collection, even as an adult. It's dark, it's a little eerie, and the moment I started it, I felt like I was a kid again walking home from school, experiencing child-like fear from such silly, common things as dark tunnels and the shadows that creep within them. This collection was a pleasant surprise. The descriptions are excellent and the voice that Andrew Leon uses is a perfect fit for Tib and for the story.

I think what I like most about this, especially as an adult, is that it's not typical YA. Tib is smart, he's insightful, and he's relatable to me. I even felt sorry for him, as his mother is a bit neurotic. Meanwhile, something is amiss with his shadow, and we the reader are given but a tiny taste of the magic that is yet to come. The story does an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and keeping you interested, while leaving you to wonder what exactly is in store.

The last part introduces the villain, and he's not your typical baddie. Frankly, even just the description of his appearance gives me the chills. That last portion is dark, suspenseful, and even a little scary.

Overall, this is a great collection and I would definitely recommend it.”